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Where can I buy CBD?

Where can I buy CBD?

First off, let me welcome you to our page and business. You might have been doing a google search for “where can I buy CBD?” or, you might have just stumbled upon it from anyone who linked to us. That does not matter. You are here now and hopefully, I can help give you some insight on where exactly you can buy CBD in Canada.

You most likely are doing your due diligence on the places to purchase your products which is a great start and you might be at a loss where to actually buy the product.

1) Dispensary

If you have a dispensary that is in your town you may be able to get some supply from them. Because they are a dispensary, you might find that they have lots of CBD products that have both CBD and THC and they usually come in ratios such as 20:1, 4:1 or 1:1. #https://www.justcbdstore.com# The Best CBD Syrup by JustCBDThese products likely contain a ton of THC. Ensure any products you are buying you can view the LAB TESTING results on. IF you enquire with the employees, they should be able to provide this information for you or at least give you a link online somewhere. Because the dispensary is a storefront you might pay a little more over buying from an online store due to the overhead a dispensary has. The staff are probably pretty knowledgeable all around.

2) Provincial Cannabis Stores

The next option would be your provincial Cannabis stores. In BC, we have the LDB (BC Liquid Distribution Branch) which is online at www.bcldcannabisupdates.com. In Ontario, they have the Ontario Cannabis Stores. They are typically much more of an expensive option but as you know you are buying from the government.

3) Doctor Referral

Another option would be to consult your doctor which you should be doing before asking the question “where do I buy CBD”. If you have any sort of ailments and are considering using CBD products, I always implore my customers to consult with their doctor first.

4) Online websites such as ours (Chilliwack CBD)

The next option for many people is buying online. Online stores are the future as we have seen with businesses like Amazon. It gives freedom to people who live in rural areas or areas that do not have a dispensary or provincial cannabis store. The biggest benefit is the lower costs and product range that you are offered. Buying online does have its risks though and we will cover some of the things you should look into when buying from an online store.

1) Contact information – Does the online website you are potentially wanting to deal with have contact information? At the bare minimum, they should have a phone number that you can contact them at. Any reputable company that cares about customer service would have a phone number, email address, live chat feature etc.

2) Are they using quality ingredients? Less is more when it comes to CBD and with tinctures especially. MCT oil, coconut oil or hemp seed oil are carrier liquids that are perfectly acceptable. If the liquids have flavouring in it that would probably be the only other ingredient you need. Nothing additional should be needed.

3) Lab-tested? You and I both know CBD is not cheap. You want to ensure what you are buying is QUALITY and this only comes from companies that spend the money to LAB TEST. CBD eliquid If there is a small-time person making CBD out of their house, they will not go through the trouble or have the money to be able to lab test it. Any online website should be able to provide lab testing on any of the products you are purchasing.

4) Do they offer local pickup? If they are a reputable business they may offer local pickup in their area. We personally allow the local pickup to our customers or customers that are willing to drive to us. We think offering a local pickup option and saving them from having to pay to ship is great customer service. It also allows us to put a face to a name and answer any additional questions.

5) Do they have verified reviews? In the day and age of online stores, reviews are very important. Google reviews are a great reference because it’s hard to create fake reviews. If they have been around for any length of time they should have at least a few. Do they have a Facebook page? just cbd liquid tincture 50mg You can see reviews on their Facebook page? Do the products have reviews? If they have sold anything in the past while they should have customers review their products which gives you insight into what others have thought about the quality, service and anything else.

6) The packaging is important. IF an online business is a reseller of brands, you want to ensure the products have the proper labelling, display instructions and ingredients as well as look appealing. Stay away from products that have no labels, limited information or do not have an online presence of their own. If they look professional that’s a good thing.

I hope this has given you some insight and some tips on your search regarding “where can I buy CBD?”. This is currently a very new industry and there are likely people out there wanting to take advantage of this new market. Buy beware is always a good thing to keep in mind so arm yourself with as much information as possible.

Thanks again!

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